Broderson IC 80: 8 Ton

Broderson Carry Deck Cranes are extremely versatile, ideal for lifting material that require a compact, low-profile crane to maneuver in tight spaces and clear overhead obstacles. Multiple sizes and capacities, including optional equipment for customization, ensures your Broderson crane can fulfill all your lifting needs.

  • Self-Loading Carry Deck crane increases the range of current and potential future applications.
  • Hydraulic Power is provided by a direct driven tandem pump delivering 29 gpm.
  • EPA Tier 2 Dual Fuel Engine is standard.
  • Pick and Carry Capacity of 11,700 lbs.


JIB Luffing JIB Boom Length Boom Extension Max Capacity
4.5m (15ft) N/A 13.2 m (43.5 ft) N/A 7.25 t (8 USt)