Transformer Swap Overview 

It would be easy to think, all that needs to be done is to just swap the transformer and I do see that perspective. However, without careful planning, site prep work, and a knowledgeable crew a project like this could be disastrous. It takes special trucking equipment to transport both transformers, a crew of electricians to make sure everything is safe and ready to go, and a crane that has the correct capacity to lift this very heavy piece of equipment. These are just a few things that are needed to complete a project of this caliber.

Client and Location 

Job location is in Trafford, Alabama for Alabama Power Company where the substation is easily accessible just a few yards off the road. However, special equipment was required and Alabama Power stepped up to the plate and transported both transformers in and out of the job site with ease. The Grove GMK 5275 executed both lifts flawlessly which is an very impressive sight to behold.  Truthfully the real impressive factor about this crane is its ability to squeeze in tight working quarters, mobilize and demobilize quickly, maneuver in tough terrain, and just gets the job done.

Job Site Specifics

  • Transformer Weight 105,000 lbs
  • Crane Radius 40 ft
  • Counter Weight 112,000 lbs
Planning and making a site visit was key information that allowed us to work around other contractors, equipment, and construction materials. This made the Grove GMK 5275 (275 Ton) our crane of choice for this project allowing for great job site execution, maneuverability, and setup.