Lebherr LTM1300 Crane Overview

The Lebherr LTM 1300 is a 300 ton hydraulic mobile crane that is in the top of it’s class. If I could relate this machine to a automobile standard I would say it’s the Cadillac with all the bells and whistles! However, I find it very interesting that through the years construction equipment has evolved tremendously in technology and ease of use. I can remember the days when cranes came without air conditioning, radios, cup holders, cell phone holders, computers, remote controls, and cameras. Ironically in our world today the opposite this is the norm. Leibherr has taken extra steps in engineering, personal safety, and over all ease of use with this machine. I find this encouraging because it boils down to the simple fact that this company cares. They care about what the customer is buying. They care about the name Liebherr and how it is perceived.  

What is the difference?

  1. Quality – Every piece on this crane has a purpose, a reason, a thought out ideal. Each part was engineered to function to its capacity while aiding to the over all operation of the machine.  Lebherr went as far as to take into consideration the comfort of the operator by engineering a first class cockpit that not only aids the operator but gives him a level of comfort that allows him to stay focused on the task at hand
  2. Safety – It’s safe to say (no pun intended) that safety is a huge core value with Leibherr. From folding handrails, lifelines, tie off points on every attachment, cameras that assist while driving, and a computer protection system. This company cares about people going home at the end of the day which is a huge core value to us here at G&R. Money isn’t everything people are!

What is next?

Training! G&R and Leibherr over the next few weeks will go over the functions of the machine, assembly and disassembly, and getting familiar with how the crane feels and functions. We believe that it’s important to train our employees on new equipment not only for the safety of others but to eliminate the risk of damage to a new investment.


  • Ton – 300
  • Telescopic Boom – 255 feet
  • Max Hoist Height – 374 feet
  • Max Radius – 308 feet