Project Overview

This project is located in Warrior, Alabama for Louis Allis which is an Industrial electrical motor service facility. This client is expanding their production capabilities by venturing into servicing and repairing larger electrical motors. I will say that I’m very impressed with this company’s image and business model. I always find companies that have a unique market niche very interesting. It must be the challenges of facing the unknown in the business world that makes it so appealing. Moreover, most business owners know that expanding means a few issues and set backs are in store. For Louis Allis their issue was electrical. Bigger electrical motors by default require more electrical voltage to function, test, and troubleshoot.

Why did they contact G&R Crane service?

Louis Allis purchased a very large external generator. This generator was transported from West Virginia where they plan to use it to power all their needs after this new expansion project. Think about it! A generator that weighs in at 140,000 pounds is not an easy task to move. It requires a crane, special rigging, and a lift plan to successfully execute without any issues.  Wait! Did I mention that the generator is sitting on a lowboy trailer blocking the road to other business.

Project Details

Our new 350 ton Liebherr was the perfect crane for this application. Let me explain! The site was not the most ideal for any crane to make a lift of this caliber. With steep terrain and limited space we had to relocate our lifting position multiple times. This is why we chose the Liebherr 350 ton. With its outstanding technology and capacity this project was a walk in the park. Moreover, this lift required a full counter weight configuration and a close radius of 40′ to safely execute. A crew of riggers made sure that every lift was secure and properly rigged.