HVAC Installation Overview 

Most commercial HVAC systems are located on roof tops to maximize space with in the complex. Tight quarters, long reaches, and relocating on the job site is the norm for HVAC system installments by crane. We chose the Link-Belt HTC 3140 for this application for its ease of use and maneuverability.

Client and Location 

This job site location is at Asbury Church on Hwy 119 in Birmingham, Alabama for one of our prominent customers, who requested to remain anonymous for this article. The job site is relatively close, allowing us to provide a rapid delivery time and a great turn around.

Job Site Specifics

Planning and making a site visit was key information that allowed us to work around other contractors, equipment, and construction materials. This made the Link-Belt HTC 3140 (140 Ton) our crane of choice for this project allowing for great job site execution, maneuverability, and setup. See our gallery @ http://cranes.grplantmaint.com/cranes/hvac/